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Common Logistics Problems in Nigeria and How to Solve Them

The logistics industry makes numerous contributions to our daily lives, but it is frequently overlooked. Unless you are involved in the industry in some way, you are unlikely to notice the contributions of the logistics industry until one of the products or services...

Partner With Kwik Earn Without Owning A Delivery Bike

For many delivery riders, the challenge of getting started is buying a delivery bike to start delivering parcels to customers. This presents a huge problem because the cost of a brand new 200cc bike (as recommended by authorities) fit for delivery is between N250,000...

How To Start A Bike Delivery Business In Nigeria

The logistics and delivery business is huge and will keep growing annually thanks to the continuous explosion of eCommerce in Nigeria. Nowadays, you can buy anything online - from clothes to home appliances, agricultural produce, office supplies, and even cooked food....

5 Reasons Kwik Uses Isothermal Delivery Bags

When customers order cooked food and other temperature sensitive items like frozen foods, they are expecting to receive them in prime condition. But as soon as these items leave the restaurants, it becomes a battle against time and weather to keep these items hot or...

Why Kwik Delivery Is The Best Logistics Company In Nigeria

When it comes to having items delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria, you’re definitely not lacking in choices. From Gokada to ACE Africa, the parcel delivery industry is a somewhat crowded marketplace. So to make it big and beat out the competition, you have to be...

How Is KwikStore Different From Other Storefronts?

Say hello to KwikStore - our most powerful eCommerce tool - a free, complete seller toolkit for selling multiple products online, beautifully. With the recent boom in eCommerce activities in Africa, several fintech giants have created online storefronts to help small...

Kwik Cash On Delivery For New And Existing Customers

Kwik cash on delivery (KwikCOD) is a type of transaction where the recipient pays for a product upon delivery rather than using a credit or debit card. Our COD payment methods vary depending on the payment terms of the purchase agreement. Cash on delivery is also...

What Kind Of Products Can You Sell On KwikStore?

If you sell products on social media, you can create a KwikStore and add the store link to your social media handle so that your customers can pay for these items and Kwik delivers these items to your customers in under 2 hours. There are so many advantages of owning...

How to Schedule a Delivery on the Kwik App

Do you have a package you want to deliver at a later time, the next day, week, or even a month? Scheduling a delivery on the Kwik Delivery app is easy and we would show you how. Open the Kwik Delivery App on a web browser or your mobile phone. Fill in the pick-up...


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