Few Ways To Prepare Your Ecommerce Website For Same Day Delivery

A few years ago, shoppers were willing to wait for as long as one month for their items to get delivered to them. But right now, a lot of things have changed and customers want their items sent to them as soon as possible.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people only prefer to shop on sites that provide fast delivery for the items they are purchasing, and will more likely buy from an ecommerce website that provides same day deliveries.

Due to technological advancements which have improved a lot of things in the delivery and fulfilment industry, ecommerce website owners can now offer their customers same day delivery on-demand.

But the question is, how can you offer your customers same day deliveries? Well, kwik delivery will show you a few ways to implement same day delivery on your website to avoid losing customers.

Here are the three things to do in order to arm your website with same day deliveries. 

Make your ecommerce store easy to navigate 

The Internet has seriously changed the behavior of shoppers. A few years back, people drove to stores and looked at what they wanted to buy. But now, the situation is changing.

A few customers still visit physical shops but many others prefer to browse through ecommerce stores and make purchases online. As an ecommerce seller, your website should be able to feel like a native store, every item should have a beautiful and high quality image, the product should have a clear description, and the process of adding products to carts and paying for them should be easy.

Effective inventory management and warehousing

If you want to make your delivery process effective, the products in your inventory/storage facility should tally with the amount of products in your ecommerce store.

You should always know how much of a product is left in your inventory at all times. This helps you not to be taken by surprise when customers order for items from your store. If you get this part wrong, then there is no way you can fulfil deliveries to customers on the same day.

For example, if you have just two pairs of shoes in your warehouse and your ecommerce website says you have ten, if a customer goes on to order five pairs, you may struggle to deliver those items because you first have to go get an extra three pairs before you pack and deliver them. 

Partner with Kwik and integrate same day delivery on your website

Few Ways To Prepare Your Ecommerce Website For Same Day Delivery | Kwik Delivery

Ecommerce businesses have so many tasks to take care of. That is why trying to tackle the logistics aspect by yourself is a hectic job. You can easily leave the hectic delivery process by partnering with kwik delivery.

We have a big team of professionals who make use of the latest technologies to make sure all your items get to your customers without any hassle. We receive, handle, and deliver all items without delays.

You can easily integrate kwik delivery plugins on your ecommerce website to automate delivery tasks when someone purchases an item from your store.

Our plugins allow you to seamlessly integrate the kwik delivery platform with the following e-commerce solutions:  

  • Woocommerce  
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Pretashop 

Read this article on how to integrate kwik delivery plugins with your ecommerce websites to enjoy fast, secure, and affordable deliveries. 


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