Requirements For Registering As A Corporate client

Our corporate delivery service gives larger businesses such as yours the power to move and track your high volume or multiple package shipments, and much more.

We give you a fully functional dashboard that keeps you informed about shipping changes, updates, and routes in real time.

By signing up to become a corporate delivery partner with Kwik, you get a bespoke account with enhanced views and functions customized specifically for your business, which helps you keep your team and customers informed about shipping status and changes.

However, there are some prerequisites which your business needs to have before we can partner with you. Read on to find out what you must have in order for us to partner with you on a large scale.

Due to the high volume of partnership requests, we usually try to respond to all requests in less than 24 hours. 

Requirements for registering as a corporate client

Requirements For Registering As A Corporate client | Kwik

  1. You must be an active large business, manufacturer  business
  2. Your business must be registered with the CAC
  3. Must be able to achieve a minimum order quantity of 10 deliveries per week

If your business meets the above listed conditions, you can send us a message through the contact form on our website and a representative will reach out to you on the next steps to take.

Alternatively, you can visit the kwik delivery website and follow these steps to sign up as a corporate partner. 

  1. Visit the kwik delivery website and click on the Get Started button in the menu
  2. You will see a form which says “Sign Up as a Person or SMB
  3. Large corporations are not supposed to fill this form – therefore, you have to scroll to the bottom of the form and click on Are you a Corporate Customer? Sign Up Here
  4. After that, go ahead and fill out the corporate customers’ form
  5. Fill in your name, company name, and email address
  6. Provide a reachable phone number and create a new password to secure your account
  7. Provide your company’s CAC registration details
  8. After that, provide your company’s address and agree to the terms and conditions
  9. Finally, click on Create Account 

After signing up, an account manager will reach out to you for the next steps to take and to verify your account.  

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