What Is Last Mile Delivery And Why Does Your Business Need It?

Last mile delivery is a challenge for online retailers because this is when the majority of shipping issues occur. Last mile delivery can feel like a challenge or obstacle course, but it doesn’t have to be.

What is last mile delivery?

The term “last mile,” also known as “final mile,” refers to the stage of a shipment at which delivery to the consumer’s doorstep occurs. The last mile also includes all of the tasks required for the parcel to arrive at its destination.

Last mile delivery is critical because it is the final step in the distribution chain. 

How does kwik delivery come in?

What Is Last Mile Delivery And Why Does Your Business Need It? | Kwik Delivery

The kwik delivery app is a last mile solution with numerous features that assist businesses in increasing the profitability of their last mile delivery. It will improve customer loyalty and overall business operations.

Our delivery software is the solution for businesses looking to improve their customer experience.

The most common features of the kwik delivery app are:

  • Route optimization 
  • Task management and assignment (auto-dispatch) 
  • Real-time status updates, notifications 
  • Delivery reports
  • Real-time tracking 

Benefits of kwik delivery’s last mile service

Real time visibility of delivery status

The kwik delivery app makes the delivery process more transparent and keeps customers informed about their order status.

Real-time notifications inform customers about the location of their parcel, as well as when and by whom it will be delivered. We also take a step further by informing customers of any potential delays ahead of time, which is also important for reducing the risk of poor customer experience.

Our delivery app even allows you to send a tracking link to the customer so they can see exactly where the dispatch driver is and when their package will arrive.

This makes customers feel valued and special, increasing their trust and providing a better customer experience. 

Flexibility of delivery

Customers today are always on the go and may not be available at a specific time or may wish to change the delivery location, or schedule the delivery for a later time. Business owners will undoubtedly benefit from flexible and customizable delivery.

Giving customers a platform where everything is at their fingertips increases trust and increases the likelihood of positive feedback from them. 

Delivery speed

Inefficient delivery routes waste time and frequently cause delays for customers.

With e-commerce giants like Jumia and Konga raising customer expectations all the time, same-day deliveries have become the norm.

According to the PwC Global Consumer Insights Survey, up to 41% of consumers are willing to pay an extra fee for same-day delivery.

Our kwik delivery app uses route optimization algorithms that enables our dispatch drivers to follow the shortest route on the map in order to complete the majority of deliveries in the shortest amount of time. 


The final mile is a delicate process fraught with peril. Solving the last-mile problem and ensuring customer satisfaction while reducing logistics workload is the key to achieving successful last-mile deliveries.

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