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Ecommerce is growing at an alarming rate each year and according to a NASDAQ study, by the year 2040, nearly 95% of all purchases will be done online. This shows that there’s no limit to the potential of ecommerce in the coming years.

Delivery automation is one smart way of making your own ecommerce store gather a lot of customers and beat the competition. A few companies are ready to ship out your items as soon as possible to your customers. These are last mile delivery companies – like kwik delivery – who are well equipped to handle shipment of all your items on demand.

Kwik is a multiple award winning delivery company that has integrated with ecommerce platforms to enable business owners to easily manage and ship the orders to their customers.

Our robust delivery APIs has all the features to help both small and large ecommerce businesses to seamlessly integrate the kwik delivery platform with the following e-commerce solutions:

  • Woocommerce 
  • Shopify  
  • Magento  
  • Pretashop 
  • Custom built websites 

Some huge challenges kwik is solving for ecommerce businesses

Slow deliveries

Automated Deliveries For Ecommerce Websites | Kwik Delivery

Online shoppers often feel disappointed when they don’t get their items on time. Delivery timeframe is one of the major reasons why many shoppers refuse to buy products from some ecommerce stores.

Since many ecommerce stores now offer same day delivery, you can partner with kwik to make sure your customers get their items as soon as possible. Studies also show that shoppers are willing to pay more money for faster deliveries. 

Setting up and managing your own shipping service

Running an in-house delivery operation requires huge experience in order to handle deliveries and ensure smooth business transactions. Starting a new delivery segment can expose you to challenges and issues that could lead to business problems.

Creating a partnership with a reputable logistics company will always improve your delivery operations. Kwik can find improvements and better processes to allow your supply chain to run more efficiently.

In the same way, we can integrate our delivery APIs into your business to save you the stress of handling your own deliveries. Due to our team’s experience and expertise, big brands that understand the intricacies of shipping and logistics partner with us in order to find the best delivery solutions and build a strong partnership.

Another amazing thing is that you also have access to everything we are offering. This includes our sophisticated delivery app and a wide range of delivery vehicles. 

Utilize kwik delivery for automated deliveries and achieve desired business growth

The kwik delivery app is a robust platform that can help you manage your delivery operations and grow your business.

You can avoid the complexities of starting self-delivery operations and eliminate the need for manual route planning and optimization.

We have a large team of professionals who make use of the latest technologies to make sure all your items get to your customers without any hassle. We receive, handle, and deliver all items without delays.

You can easily integrate kwik delivery plugins on your ecommerce website to automate delivery tasks when someone purchases an item from your store.

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