10 things to consider when choosing a delivery company in Ibadan

There are many types of businesses where delivering products to customers is an integral part of their services. For example, bakeries, restaurants, boutiques, social media vendors, printing presses, wholesalers, ecommerce platforms, and machine manufacturers all have needs for a delivery company.

Some businesses have their own fleet of delivery vehicles, but many outsource the delivery of goods to third parties because they don’t want to worry about licenses, fuel costs, regulations, driver training, and taxes.

Choosing a third-party logistics provider can seem like an unnecessary thing until things start going wrong! Every customer interaction affects your company’s reputation, and an unprofessional or unreliable delivery company will cause untold damage.

Therefore, choosing the right delivery company for your delivery needs is crucial if you want your company to be perceived as trustworthy and professional.

But how do you choose the best delivery service among the many logistics companies, car transport companies, and major national parcel delivery companies available?

Delivery Speed

This is perhaps one of the most important and common decision factors when choosing between delivery services. For many businesses, delivery speed is critical. While time isn’t usually an issue, you never know when you may need to hurriedly make a delivery.

So take a look at each company’s average delivery speed and the range of speeds they can offer. Some may only offer standard and fast delivery, while others offer a wide range of delivery speeds to meet all your needs.

Areas Covered

If your business receives orders that should be shipped to different parts of the country, you may consider getting a logistics partner that can cover all these areas.

Product Handling In Transit

If you sell delicate items, fragile goods, or something that needs to arrive in good condition, then considering how a delivery company handles these kinds of items is crucial.

There are always horror stories of logistics companies throwing away fragile items, leaving them broken upon delivery, or using multiple vehicle swaps to save on costs, increasing the likelihood of something breaking upon delivery.

Before making a choice, be sure to talk to them about how they manage their deliveries and read their reviews too!

Experience In The Industry

It’s always worth checking how long each delivery company has been in the market and how much experience they have.

Ideally, you should choose an established and highly reputable logistics company that has worked with businesses similar to yours.

This way they can not only offer good service but also advise you on best practices and improvements on how you handle your deliveries.


Your customers will form an idea of your company from what they see – which is how the delivery guy looks at the delivery stage. So it’s important to consider how much effort they put into the appearance of their vehicles and drivers.

Vehicle Varieties

things to consider when choosing a delivery company in Ibadan

if you sell large household items or similar products like cars, you may consider the range of vehicles the delivery company has. Irrespective of the item size, Kwik will help you deliver them with the robust vehicle categories we have available. Our vehicles range from motorbikes to 30-tons trucks.

Additional Services

Are you talking to a provider that can only move packages from point A to point B, or can they offer more? Some logistics companies (like Kwik) may offer a full range of delivery options including packaging, money collection, labeling, warehouse management, logistics, printing, and even mail delivery. Whether you do any of these things in-house or not, it’s possible that outsourcing will help streamline your processes.

Real-time Tracking

things to consider when choosing a delivery company in Ibadan

How important is it for you to know exactly where your package is at all times? Will you deliver your packages without knowing where they are? Or will your delivery company be able to offer full and detailed tracking capabilities, allowing you to see exactly where your package is and where it was previously, with accurate updates?

Customer Service

Choose a logistics partner who is easy to reach by phone and who is pleasant to deal with. One of the advantages of small businesses is a single point of contact: you can often speak directly to the owner. It’s also good to know if drivers are helpful with manual loading and unloading.

Delivery Price

While this is the first thing you look for, it’s purposely last on the list. You see, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to delivery companies.

Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest option, as this often comes at the expense of quality. Watch out for hidden fees or other reasons why the price can be so low. And choose the best option for the offer, not the cheapest.

At Kwik, we know that every seller’s delivery needs are different, which is why we create custom delivery packages for each of our clients. We are happy to answer your questions and provide examples of our previous work. For more information or to book your first delivery, get in touch with our team today.


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