5 Reasons Kwik Uses Isothermal Delivery Bags

When customers order cooked food and other temperature sensitive items like frozen foods, they are expecting to receive them in prime condition.

But as soon as these items leave the restaurants, it becomes a battle against time and weather to keep these items hot or frozen.

To solve this challenge and improve customer satisfaction, Kwik uses branded isothermal delivery bags to keep these temperature sensitive items at the same temperature for at least 6 hours.

In this article, we will share five key reasons why Kwik uses isothermal bags for temperature sensitive items.

5 Reasons Kwik Uses Isothermal Delivery Bags | Kwik

Our isothermal bags keep items hot or cold for at least 6 hours.

It keeps food items hot and cold

The top reason we use isothermal delivery bags is an obvious one – it keeps hot foods hot, and frozen foods frozen.

Our high quality insulated bags will maintain proper food temperature while controlling moisture levels. The result? Your food items are less likely to get soggy on the way to your customers.

The main reason for this is that the bag’s layers – the foam insulation between the outer layer and inner lining is what keeps your food hot or frozen.

Our insulated bags typically feature water-resistant nylon and vinyl exteriors, so our delivery riders can use them in all weather conditions, from sun to rain.

Suitable for transporting temperature sensitive drugs, blood, and test samples

Hospitals and huge pharmaceutical companies can take advantage of our isothermal insulated bags to transport certain temperature sensitive items like blood banks, drugs, and test samples.

Our bags have the ability to maintain the same temperature for at least 6 hours, and can be used to transport blood components, drugs, and test samples between labs and hospitals.

Prevents spillage

Another benefit of our insulated bags is that they can prevent spillage of drinks, smoothies, or parfait.

It’s a fact that no delivery rider or company is perfect – even the most seasoned delivery riders with a perfectly designed bag can still encounter a spill or two.

To help reduce the risk of spillage, the bag comes with separate pockets for more than one item. This also helps ensure that food and drinks stay secure while in transit.

Encourages reorders

A happy customer is a repeat customer! For all of the reasons above, Kwik’s isothermal bags are a savvy addition to your food delivery service as they’ll help ensure that your customers get exactly what they want, when they want it. Hot foods will arrive hot and fast and cold foods will arrive with no melting or spilling.

This is especially important as competition in the food delivery space is really increasing. Since the birth of Kwik, we have seen a GMV increase of over 400% in the last year alone.

Restaurants that partner with Kwik benefit too (these establishments often see their revenue increase by 30%). The food delivery service around the world, in general, is booming – Forbes estimates that it will grow to $200 billion by 2025!

In light of this forecasted growth and increased competition, getting and retaining your customers is as important as ever. Using Kwik’s high-quality isothermal bags is one clear way to ensure satisfied customers and repeat orders.


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