Complete list of permits and licenses for delivery riders

Every business owner knows the importance of adhering to the rules and policies set by the government to regulate commercial activities.

What’s even more important is to always have all the requirements and certifications from the government in order to avoid being prosecuted or shut down.

As a reputable delivery company in Nigeria, we know how important it is to be in the government’s good books and we have decided to let you know what documents you must possess as a dispatch rider in order to prevent the police and other authorities from impounding your bike. 

Complete list of delivery riders documents

Complete list of permits and licenses for delivery riders | Kwik

Follow these steps below to register your bike with Lagos state. 

  • Register your motorcycle with state and local authorities: You can register with both the state and local governments at any Lagos State local government office. Interstate and intrastate registrations are the two types of registrations. 
  • Register with LASAA: If you intend to brand your motorcycle, you must first register with the Lagos State Advertising Agency (LASAA). This is also something that can be done at any local government office. 
  • Riders card: This is not the same as a driver’s license and can be obtained at any of the Lagos State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) regional offices. 
  • Pay for insurance: This is often overlooked, but it should not be, especially since motorcycle accidents are common in Lagos, and it is a legal requirement. 
  • Operational permit 
  • Road taxes certificate 
  • Drivers and conductors badge certificate 
  • Clearance for identification 
  • Waste basket of vehicle certificate clearance 
  • Outdoor mobile advert 
  • Gaseous emission permit 
  • Unified/consolidated clearance 
  • Bureau of transport road users permit 
  • Board of internal revenue 
  • Road users permit 
  • State carrier permit 
  • National freight haulers association 
  • 2020 national coverage certificate 
  • Federal government road worthiness 
  • State carriage license 
  • Lagos state vehicle license commercial motorcycle 
  • Vehicle inspection certificate 
  • Motor park levies 

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