Partner With Kwik Earn Without Owning A Delivery Bike

For many delivery riders, the challenge of getting started is buying a delivery bike to start delivering parcels to customers. This presents a huge problem because the cost of a brand new 200cc bike (as recommended by authorities) fit for delivery is between N250,000 to N400,000.

Today, Kwik Delivery through their Kwik Entrepreneurial Empowerment Programme (or KEEP for short) is changing this narrative, helping hundreds of delivery riders get started in this business without initially owning a bike. If you’re interested in finding out how you can make money without owning a bike and how you can own a delivery bike in the next 12 months, this article is for you.

Why you should signup for KEEP

Kwik covers getting you a bike

Partner With Kwik And Start Earning Without Owning A Delivery Bike | Kwik

The delivery bike problem goes beyond just affordability. Newbie delivery riders also encounter the dilemma of choosing between bike brands to buy. And there are a lot of brands – from Yamaha, Qlink, and Suzuki to Bajaj, TVS, Honda, and more.

How do you know what bike to buy?

It’s important to consider this question because if you make a wrong purchase, for example, buying a sub-standard bike or one that cannot be used for delivery, your business suffers.

Leverage the Kwik brand to get delivery orders

You are not a delivery rider until you start making actual deliveries to customers. However, new riders do experience delivery order shortages due to having a low customer base or a weak brand image when starting out.

While this is completely normal, it could discourage new riders from striving further in the business.

But what if there is a way to instantly become a delivery rider, starting out with more delivery orders than you can handle – all without having to buy a delivery bike. Sweet, isn’t it? That’s why you need Kwik.

What is the KEEP program?

Kwik Entrepreneurial Empowerment Programme (or KEEP for short) is an entrepreneurial program introduced in 2021 by Nigeria’s leading delivery platform, Kwik Delivery. KEEP is designed to make owning a motorbike affordable to all Kwiksters or anyone who wants to be a Kwikster. 

Kwiksters are highly trained professional delivery riders working with Kwik Delivery to satisfy customer delivery orders. As Kwik Delivery keeps expanding as a brand and the entry barrier into the delivery business continues to rise, we came up with an initiative to plug aspiring delivery riders into the business with.

With KEEP, you get started handling delivery orders directly from Kwik’s increasing order batches and start making profits right away. Kwik would give you a brand new motorcycle with a delivery box – all branded to make you a Kwikster. Within a year of riding with Kwik Delivery, you own the delivery bike for life!

You heard that right! 

Interested? Here is how you get started.

  1. Sign up: Start by filling out a simple form & submit it on our website. A Kwik Delivery agent would contact you for preliminary screening and afterward schedule you for training and verification. 
  2. Get Trained & Verified: Attend the KEEP training & verification sessions. These sessions are to test your riding capabilities, experience, and other necessary verification. Keep in mind that only experienced riders operating in Lagos can apply. 
  3. Get a bike. Start earning: Immediately after the verification, your brand new bike is given to you and you can start your business right away. You would need to download the Kwik Delivery app to access delivery orders. 
  4. Own the bike: After riding with Kwik Delivery for about a year, the bike is 100% yours.

Why use KEEP?

A good question to ask is why to choose to KEEP by Kwik Delivery to start or expand your delivery business. Here are the reasons why:

  • Make money on deliveries without buying a delivery bike 
  • Own a delivery bike in less than 1 year as a dispatch rider 
  • Earn as a Kwikster in addition to your own delivery business 
  • Easy sign-up & verification process 
  • Partnership with Nigeria’s #1 delivery platform 
  • Premium support 

KEEP is here to assist delivery entrepreneurs, whether you want to own a Motorbike as a Kwikster, or you are already a Kwikster and want to replace your old motorbike with a new one, or even just want to expand your delivery business by owning an additional bike. 

 To join the KEEP program, simply fill out the form here and a Kwik Delivery agent would contact you. 



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