Item Packing Guide: How to Package and Deliver Car Parts Properly

Packaging and delivering car parts can be simple if you know how. Read our guide for helpful packing advice and reliable delivery services.

Key takeaways

  • Car parts delivered by different companies are subject to various restrictions and regulations. 
  • Kwik is a delivery company that also offers specialized logistics and transportation services. 
  • Some car parts may be bulky or fragile and therefore require special packaging techniques. 

If you are a specialized car parts dealer or a car repair expert, you may need to ship car parts to various states around Nigeria. Car parts are usually heavy and irregular in shape, making them prone to damage. This makes them even more difficult to ship. 

Delivering car parts is simple if you know how to do it correctly. This includes knowing what you can deliver, how to package various parts, what paperwork you may have to deal with, and finding cost-effective solutions with a reputable delivery and logistics company. This article will teach you everything you need to know about delivering car parts. 

What car parts can I deliver? 

The car parts that can be shipped by different delivery companies are subject to different restrictions and regulations. However, some general rules apply to almost all businesses.

You are not permitted to send dangerous or restricted parts, or parts containing liquids. Other items, such as radiators, engines, fluid reservoirs, fuel tanks, and gearboxes, will require a purge certificate to confirm that they have been drained of all fluids.

Glass items, such as side mirrors, windscreens, and windows, may not be covered by your delivery company’s insurance policy and may require you to pay some surcharge fees.

Many companies also have size and weight restrictions on the packages they accept, so it is always a good idea to check these restrictions with the delivery company to avoid additional charges.

Some of the car parts that can be shipped using various delivery services include: 

  • Wheels and deflated tires 
  • Lights 
  • Exhausts
  • Gearboxes and engines 
  • Doors 
  • Bonnets and body panels 
  • Bumpers 
  • Infotainment displays and Sat-Navs 

Item Packing Guide: How to Package and Deliver Car Parts Properly | Kwik

What is the cheapest way to deliver car parts? 

The cost of shipping your car parts will be greatly influenced by the weight and size of your packages, their classifications, the destinations you’re delivering them to, and how quickly you want them to arrive.

Most delivery companies offer shipping calculators on their websites, allowing you to estimate the cost of shipping your car parts based on weight and size, excluding surcharges.

You can get in touch with us to find out how we can help you deliver your car parts without stress. 

How to package car parts for deliveries 

Different car parts require different packaging techniques. This is due to the fact that car parts come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Furthermore, some may be bulky or fragile, requiring the use of specific packaging methods.

To prevent damage, always double-box all of your car parts and use plenty of internal packaging. Here’s a general guide to packaging the most commonly delivered auto parts:

  1. Where applicable, disassemble your car components as required 
  2. To prevent any leaks, empty any liquids or lubricants within the parts
  3. Use heavy-duty or corrugated cardboard boxes for metal parts; double-box your part for additional protection
  4. For tube-shaped parts, use triangular boxes
  5. Pack different auto parts individually using bubble wrap, making sure that sharp edges are well covered. For small items, put them in plastic pouches
  6. Put your car parts inside the box
  7. To prevent movement or damage inside the box, use foam wrapping, bubble wrap or polystyrene for internal packaging
  8. Seal your box appropriately with adhesive tape
  9. Tape a warning sign on the box to show whether the part is fragile and should be handled with care
  10. Get a quote and ship your car part.

How do I pack glass components? 

If you want to ship restricted items like headlights or instrument displays, pack them carefully. We recommend that you use a solid box.

Cover the fragile side(s) with more cardboard to add extra protection. Wrap the part in bubble wrap and firmly secure it in the box. 

How do I package bodywork? 

Another auto part that must be packed extremely well is the bodywork. You can’t just wrap it in bubble wrap because you need to protect the structure; bending bumpers, grilles, and trim, for example, can damage them.

A box, or two if possible, is the best solution here, reinforced if necessary. If a suitable box cannot be found, use a lot of soft packaging and pay special attention to the edges and corners, as these can poke through. 

How do I package engines and other heavy parts? 

Some delivery will accept extremely heavy items like engines, transmissions, and axles. You’ll need a heavy-duty crate or a wooden pallet for such items.

You can order these online or at a large local store, but keep in mind that they will most likely need to be carried using a forklift, so choose one that is appropriate.

Obviously, a specialized delivery service is required for this type of delivery, and there will be specific packaging and collection requirements – keep this in mind when placing a delivery order. For such large and bulky items, we will most likely only offer heavy domestic shipping. 

How do I package wheels, rims, and tyres? 

We recommend shipping wheels in separate boxes. They can be quite heavy, so packaging four together would require a very strong box with a lot of cushioning material inside.

When shipping wheels with tires, you can avoid using boxes because the tires serve as packaging for the wheels. Just make sure to cover the wheel faces with plenty of cardboard and that the tires are deflated. 


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