Dear Business Owner, Here’s How You Can Keep Your Staff Motivated

Motivation is a huge part of our everyday lives – personally and professionally. This is why we get things done – leave our beds in the morning but somehow, this motivation is stifled in some jobs and which typically surprises business owners. A study by PsychologyToday shows that money is not the chief factor, contrary to popular opinion. 

People always gravitate to where they are loved and cared for, in this same regard, people remain rooted where they are sure to bloom.  

This is where a lot of business owners miss it – yes, there is an exchange of money for services but this is also a kind of relationship, for as long as humans are involved, emotions abound. 

Hiring/Staffing can be a tedious process and can make you take your eyes off what matters most for your business. 

If you want to keep your staff on for much longer, here are a few pointers: 


  1. Proper Onboarding

From the beginning, every new hire should be set up for success.  

  • Your new staff onboarding process should teach them not only about the work but also about the corporate culture and how they can contribute to and thrive within it.  
  • Business owners shouldn’t overlook this as it is a crucial first step. 
  • The training and support you provide from the start, whether in person or digitally, can set the tone for the rest of the staff’s time with you. 
  1. Substantial Benefits

Benefits can make your workplace stand out to potential new hires and re-engage current staff, all while boosting their morale. It’s always good for business owners to ensure that staff is fit – intellectually, physically, and financially. 

  1. Open-door Policy

Your staff will feel comfortable in a space where they can share opinions and say their mind without fear of rebuff. 

This does a lot of good for business owners as well – people are ever bubbling with ideas that can do a whole lot for the growth of the organization. 

  1. Recognition

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their efforts.  

Business owners should learn to appreciate their staff because this can have a particularly great influence on their productivity. 

So be sure to thank your staff that goes above and above and explains how their efforts benefit the company. 

  1. Reward System & Flexibility

Business owners should ensure compensation packages meet the emotional demands of staff in addition to their monetary remuneration.  

Recognition in front of the business, company, and department parties, service initiatives, lunches with the boss, logo clothes, handwritten notes, and other activities can all add to the firm’s positive culture and serve as morale boosters.

  • Don’t be frugal with your vacation time.  
  • Provide enough time for sick days, family vacations, new infants, etc., despite the tough economy. Workflow pacing can help you maintain long-term employee connections.  
  • You should anticipate and even demand high-quality performance, but a constant level of pressure at 100 percent is unrealistic.  
  • Allow staff to catch their breath between assignments by scheduling team-building events or brief break breaks throughout the day. 

The welfare and satisfaction of your staff/employees are directly proportional to the continuous growth of your business. 


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