Working can be really stressful and while we all love to rest, one must work in order to achieve their goals, this is probably one of the reasons everyone loves Christmas holidays.

All over the world, Christmas is considered as the best time for a family to get together. Disconnecting from everyday stress and connecting with life is the main thing which people usually do during festive holidays and being with family is the best thing you can do for spreading love, laughter, gratitude, warmth and smiles.

Usually, planning takes a lot of time and having to plan with the consideration of what everyone would love and appreciate is a lot. Coupled with you trying so hard to round off activities for the year at your place of work or business, all these can be really time-consuming, as such, it is very easy to overlook making a proper plan ahead for the family time together.

If you are a single lady or guy, living in Lagos this would naturally be more difficult for you. You have spent most of the year making decisions that affect just you, so most of your decisions on where and when to hangout have basically started and ended with you, without any external party. Now you have to plan an awesome family get together for everyone, going back and forth, trying to include everyone’s interest and preference can be really stressful.

However, technology has made all this much easier. You no longer have to visit every amusement park, resort or hangout spot you have interest in. all you have to do is visit their website, get the information you need and place a call across to them. The big question, however, is “how can you shuttle between rounding off at work and making plans for the holidays.

First, a delegation of roles. Considering the fact that you are not the only one you are making plans for, it is only wise to delegate different roles to your siblings, you can simply ask one of them to be in charge of gathering information about what everyone would want or how they would like to spend Christmas as a family. Assign another one the job of suggesting nice Christmas ideas, gifts and places for a great family hangout. With these, your work would simply be to put everything together and make the best decision.

Second, give a timeline. Delegating duties and having them report to you at a late time can prove as useless as not delegating at all. Imagine by the 23rd, you have not gotten any reply/report about what everyone would want and you have to get to do the calls yourself to find out, meanwhile, you have just one day left. A lot of times, people work with timelines, it is like everyone works better when the deadline is approaching. Therefore, you can tell both siblings to give you the reports from their findings as early as on the 15th, then you would have 10 days to bring all the puzzles into one piece.

Third, the final step is for you to ensure you do not procrastinate. Procrastination is the easiest thing to do when you have a task to accomplish. Remember that the goal is to ensure you do not make last-minute decisions that would cost more than it would have if you were ahead of time.

Now, let’s explore options for an awesome Christmas get-together and how you can properly plan ahead.

For everyone, going home to your parents’ house to celebrate Christmas is usually nostalgic as should be the first option on your list. Make plans to have something nice prepared and invite everyone to the house. If you have siblings who now stay on their own, your parents would certainly be glad to have all of you home under one roof on such a special day. Take note however that preparing something nice does not have to be so stressful, a bowl of salad and fried turkey or chicken would do just fine.

If you are a very meticulous person and would like to get the foodstuff such as the frozen chicken or turkey yourself, yet know that you would have no time before Christmas to go and drop it at your parents’ place, then we have good news: FROZEN FOODS REMAIN FROZEN FOR 6HRS IN OUR KWIK BOX, so we got you covered.

What happens if all your siblings actually have other plans, maybe with their spouses and your parents are occupied in Church or somewhere else that day? Simple: Send them gifts. You can spend time with people without being present there. You know how special you feel and how the thought of someone suddenly gets to the top of your mind throughout the whole day because they sent you a gift? That is what I am referring to.

Send each of your siblings and your parents a nice gift, remember that your research through one of them has already given you an idea of what they would like for Christmas, play Santa and send them nice presents. You might be wondering how you would deliver all these goods to different locations and still have your time to yourself, or how to ensure the presents are not tampered with when joined with other people’s stuff, then is your go-to logistics company. We are an on-demand last-mile delivery platform that ensures your orders are delivered within two hours. Customer satisfaction is a priority to us, we ensure that your gift recipient feels as special as you would like them to feel.

In the words of popular actress Emily Matthews, “From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another, the warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer to each other”.

Merry Christmas!


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