3 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Get A KwikStore

Owning a KwikStore can help you to start selling your products online for free. Due to the many advantages and benefits of having an online store, more and more people prefer to sell their products/services online instead of the usual traditional stores these days. 

The purchasing decision process has changed significantly in recent years. Buyers do extensive online research before speaking to a seller. Shoppers are also making more direct purchases online and via smartphone, without ever setting foot in physical stores. 

The internet makes business so much easier and faster. This has led to changes in the way people do business, with a rapidly growing global trend towards online shopping or e-commerce.

Many people in Nigeria today prefer to shop online and buy products from online stores when they cannot find an item in physical stores close to them.

For a small business, managing everything on your own from production to payments to delivery to managing stock and inventory can be overwhelming and tiresome. That’s why you need a KwikStore!

With the help of KwikStore and the support of the internet, small business owners and social media vendors can list their products and consumers can get access to these products from anywhere in Nigeria.

Furthermore, you do not need to have any technical skills to set up your own KwikStore. All you need is your mobile phone and access to the internet.

3 Reasons You Should Get A KwikStore

These are 3 solid reasons why every small business owner needs a KwikStore.

  1. Zero setup costs and subscription fees
  2. No technical/coding skills required
  3. Integrated delivery service

Zero setup costs and subscription fees

3 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Get A KwikStore | Kwik Delivery

KwikStore is a free tool to help you create your own online store free of charge (Doyinsola – KWIK)

Because KwikStore was created with small businesses in mind, sellers would not have to pay any hosting or setup fees to sell their products online with us.

Sellers would only need to supply their own store name via the search box. This is done to make sure that no other seller bears the same name on the platform.

After sellers have signed up and listed their products, you get a free dashboard to track your sales, deliveries, and manage your inventory.

Kwik will also not charge any subscription fees for hosting your site or managing your inventory.

Zero technical/coding skills required

KwikStore is a tool for building an online store without coding. This no-code platform is a simpler and promising alternative to traditional software development for non-technical business owners hoping to build their own full-fledged online stores.

If you own a small business that lacks the budget to hire a web/software or outsource to a software development firm, KwikStore moves the power of innovation into your hands by letting you create and customize your own store without stress.

You can add a brand logo, change the color of your store, list products, and add product images without any coding knowledge.

To learn more on how to set up your KwikStore, read our step-by-step article that guides you on how to create a KwikStore in less than 5 minutes.

Integrated delivery service

3 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Get A KwikStore | Kwik Delivery

KwikStore comes complete with a delivery service handled by Kwik.

This free storefront comes with an integrated delivery service handled by Kwik Delivery which is the most trusted logistics company in Nigeria today.

With our delivery service, you get to work with a reputable logistics partner that carefully handles the packages until they get to your customer. 

You no longer have to worry about losing money to other unregistered local dispatch riders who may not deliver your item or disappear with the money collected from your clients.

What are you waiting for? Set up your own KwikStore in less than 5 minutes.


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