Five Things To Have, To Run An Effective Business In 2020


While trying to run an effective business, at the beginning of every year, it is important to take stock of how the previous year went, the achievements, setbacks and things that could have been done better.

It is no news that the world around us is changing at a rapid pace and Nigeria has not been left out of this. The amount of information, technology, and progress that we have made in such a short period is quite overwhelming. Therefore, the question to ask yourself is “has your business been progressing at these same speeds?”

One of the biggest laggards for businesses and brands today is sticking with traditional and ‘old world’ methods that either simply no longer work or take up too much time and resources to accomplish. Allow me to take you through some of the best business tips and recommended solutions for growing your business while taking advantage of the many time and money-saving advantages around you.

1. Use More Technology

Technology has had a major impact on the modern workplace, technology can help your customers access all the information they need to successfully interact with your company. It can also help staff perform their jobs more efficiently.

Technology allows businesses to speed up production processes. You can also analyze how your staff productivity using technology and implement processes to help improve productivity

However, it should be noted that the essence of keeping tabs on your staff is to know what is consuming their time and what can be taken off their plates.

If you run a business where you need to deliver your goods or products to your customers, it would be more time consuming if you have to get one of your staff to deliver before returning to their core tasks. This means you need to outsource which takes us to the next tip

2. Outsource some time-consuming tasks

Every staff enjoys a workplace for as long as the working environment is friendly, a lot of business owners make the mistake of over-tasking staff and thereby making the work tiresome.

As much as having an in-house delivery person may sound nice and “personalised”, you might want to think of how many places one person can deliver goods to in a day. At KWIK, we have developed a system that helps you run an effective business while relieving your staff of time-consuming tasks such as door to door delivery. We are always available on-demand; we have enough riders to deliver personally to your customers.

3. Top up your customer service game

Customer is king, this is no more news. A lot of businesses are aware that treating customers well is very important, however, it is surprising that most businesses still fail in their customer service delivery, for varying reasons. Several businesses are not yet willing to go out of their way to provide the best buying experiences for their customers.

If you are in a business where door delivery is part of your options, you want to make your customers have an experience similar to buying physically, the best way to achieve that is to ensure their products are delivered to them, same day and in good quality. At KWIK, we not only deliver on time, but we also deliver the goods in the exact state it was picked up.

We understand how important customer service is, we treat you and your customer with utmost courtesy, delivering their orders with delicacy.

4. Update your marketing strategies

Marketing has taken a new turn and your business has to follow this trend. So here’s the catch “NO ONE WANTS TO BUY A PRODUCT THAT IS BEING SOLD TO THEM”.

The buying decision has gone from the “what product are you selling?” to “what feeling are you selling?” the public is now buying more stories, they are more interested in how your product or service makes them feel than the details of what your product is made up of.

To run an effective business, you have to remain at the top of your customers’ minds, that means you have to do more than have an awesome product, you have to market it in a way that sells a feeling, a movement, a belonging.

5. Visit now and sign up to run an effective business

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